The Data Model Strategy: Make Analytics Work for Your Business, Not the Other Way Around

When: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Time: 11:00am to 11:45am ET

All too often, both individuals and organizations hoard the most prized asset in the digital ecosystem: data. This has led to different types of data — such as those tied to ad revenue, subscriptions, content engagement and customer profiles — being kept in silos, to be managed via disparate point solutions. Operating in this way means businesses never get a comprehensive view of their customers, leading to missed opportunities to drive personalized experiences, increase revenues, boost retention and remain privacy-compliant.

Join our webinar on Wednesday, September 22nd to hear from our digital analytics experts on the importance of introducing a data model strategy into your organization to ensure you can leverage all the information flowing through your systems to achieve business goals. You’ll learn:

  • The opportunities a unified data model strategy delivers
  • How to build a unified data model for an organization
  • The tools and tactics needed to effect organizational change
IMPORTANT: A unique and valid Email address is required for each individual attendee.


Declan Owens, Digital Analytics Expert, Piano

Experienced in digital project management and solutions, Declan Owens has been working in Digital Analytics for several years now and gained enough knowledge to be recognized as an expert by his peers. Declan first started in traffic management in a digital communication agency mostly working on strategies for digital platforms to acquire quality traffic via SEO, online advertising, social networks, etc. Declan then decided to specialize in digital analytics by joining AT Internet, a leading vendor on the market. After becoming an expert on the Analytics Suite, while managing several large analytics projects internationally and leading teams of consultants, Declan has acquired a complete knowledge of how to answer business needs thanks to data. He permanently upholds a philosophy of sustainability in his counsel, going beyond the purely technical aspects of the job, reaching out further, and solving problems on topics such as privacy or company management.